MQL5 Tutorial – How to trade any entry you like


This is the English version of the Golden Goose framework.
A framework basically can help you to simplify your automated trading because it does all the trade management for you.
Right now the Golden Goose framework is trading a sixty minute moving average and I would like to show you how easy you can change the entry here, all you have to do is click this little button here or press the F4 key.
That will open the Meta Editor and this is the main file, it does the import for the framework components.
These are all imported functions that will handle the trade management, here we include the current entry for the sixty minutes moving average and in the OnTick function we check for an entry by calling the Check Entry function.
That is included in this file and afterwards we call the trade management by delivering the signal to the Check For Tick function.
If I want to change the entry here, I will outcomment the current entry and I will now include Check Entry_MacD.mq5 and compile the file by clicking the little button here or pressing the F7 key that worked without errors.
So now we click on the little button here or press F4 to go back to Metatrader, and in Metatrader we click on View, Strategy Tester or we press control and R, and select the exact same framework we have traded the last time.
Let’s start the test here and now it’s trading the MacD.
Let’s stop the test, outcomment the MacD, and this time we are going to trade Bollinger bands. Let’s stop the test and this time it is trading the Bollinger band entry. Okay let’s do one more and uncomment the Bollinger bands and go for the RSI.
Compile the framework, start another test and here is the RSI. Let’s speed it up to the limit here and now you can see that it actually works and all the trade management is done by predefined functions that are contained in the Golden Goose framework.
This is what we have created in a German premium course within the first fifteen to twenty weeks.
Imagine how much time you can save if you can start to trade systems like this one right away.
It even gets faster if you disable the visualisation note here so let’s remove the RSI and do a simple crossover entry here, recompile the framework again and start another test.
This time it’s much faster and you will see results within twenty or thirty seconds.
So the simple crossover entry would have made $2,405, in this case.
It made 233 trades fully automated in less than a minute.
94% of the short trades and 95% of the long trades were profitable and with the Golden Goose framework it is possible to trade all the different entries here and get results like this right from the start and within a few seconds.
So if you would like to trade fully automated, and if you would like to see results like this one right from the start, the Golden Goose MQL 5 trading framework might be the right choice for you and it’s easy for you to get one or to build your own version of it you just have to become a member of the premium course and you can start right away to improve your own trading results.
So let’s go for it today and enjoy the benefits of automated MQL 5 trading.