Today I have released a new version for the Forex Trading Framework.
This is the kind of balance curve I am used to and to ensure that the Forex Trading Framework is working on your PC I’m always testing it on different computers.
So, I pick a currency pair here and start a test. What I see are these irregularities here, this is looking like a saw, very different from the smooth line of the balance curve on my main PC.
Let’s trade the Euro /US Dollar here!
I’m trading the year 2016 from January to December with 100,000 Euros, the leverage is 1 to 500 and here we have the same problems.
Let me change the language to English here, let’s select the British Pound against the US Dollar, start a new test, and this one is a disaster! It made a loss, and now you might think that the whole system is crap, but if you look at the history quality here you will see that it’s 0%!
It says we have just traded 6207 bars.
Let’s trade the same currency pair on the main PC, it’s also the year 2016, we use 100,000 US Dollars and a leverage of 1 to 500.
Let’s see how this test is looking! The balance curve is going up, so this is what I have expected.
It does take some time now. On the other PC the whole test took only about 4 seconds. This is the end result, and when you click on the results tab you will see that we have just traded 368,430 bars. The history quality is 95%, so if your trading system is giving you bad results please double check your history quality and the number of bars you traded, because that might be the only difference between a big profit and a loss.