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In this video, I want to talk about how I got my advanced statistics to run. Actually, I had to change the account to Robo Forex and use a demo account there because what I didn’t know was that FXblue is not able to provide statistics for MetaQuotes demo accounts because they simply do not have the MetaQuotes company in their list. So when you pick a broker, you need to pick one that’s in their list, and MetaQuotes is not part of that. Yes, I could write to the support to add MetaQuotes, but I guess for this experiment, it’s more useful to use an account that actually is included. And for Robo Forex, they support demo accounts. I have to admit that advanced statistics for Robo Forex have been a pretty standard for me and my clients in the last few years. If you don’t know, I’m offering a premium course about MQL5 programming, and that is also where a lot of people use the same Robo Forex account settings that I use. So I actually didn’t know that MetaQuotes wasn’t in the brokers list. And I switched to this account, and that means that we had to start over with $100,000.

So right now, we have made a profit of $71, and I guess in the next hour or so, we will make a few more trades. But the crazy thing is, I actually tried to use this account sync option. They say that it works for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, but it wasn’t running on Linux and it wasn’t performing. So I thought, okay, I need to download this publisher app here, and I did. So the version I picked was this one for MetaTrader 5. You can download it for free and you will get a zip file. And when you open that zip file with Linux, you will find there is a publisher ex5 file inside. I had to extract that. Now, let’s go back to the trading terminal and click on File, Open Data folder, MQL5 experts. And here is that FX Blue publisher ex5 file. I then opened a new chart, and here is the ExpertAdvisor that you can drag onto the chart. I’m not going to replace it right now because it’s already working. You can see that the last synchronization was today at about 20 minutes past 5. Let’s open the FX Blue statement.

This is the correct account number. It says that we have a history of eight days, which is true because the account is eight days old, but I started to use it yesterday. I can now refresh the state, and it says we have an open loss of $23 and a profit of $71. So let’s go back to MetaTrader and check. Yes, that’s about what is happening right now. And you can see that we have a profit here. So I expect my system to close both trades in the next few minutes because it’s configured in a way that when a new candle appears on the chart and the profit is higher than what I have defined, it should close both trades and lock in the account-based profit. This is the current candle. Currently, I’m using the hourly candles, so let’s switch to one minute. And I think that it will only take a few seconds until we see that this trade is closed, at least until the profit value drops. But with the lot size of 0.86 lots, it’s just a question of a few seconds before the profit value is reached again.

Here is the new candle, but the profit is below $10, so let’s wait for the next one. And here we are. We have closed closed the trade. Now, let’s go back to the hourly chart. It already opened a new one. Now, the balance is $100,101. The history has changed. And when we go back to the stats here, we still see $71 of profit. But when we refresh the page, here is the new state, and this matches the account data. And as soon as this trade is going to be in the profit range, we will see another update. Currently, I’m experimenting with the take profit value here. I can change that in the source code as I do for my clients. Now you know how to activate the FX Blue publisher file, do automated status updates for FX Blue. So that’s it for today’s video. I say thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next one..