Step13 – What is required to make a profit?

What is required to make a profit?

I learned from a guy called Tony Robbins that the quality of your questions determines the quality of your results. Here are some questions that helped me to develop a strategy I can live with…

  • What has to happen before you can make a profit?
  • What do you need to avoid to make a profit?
  • What causes losses most often for you?
  • How could you avoid these losses?
  • What is the rule that is the greatest obstacle?
  • What are the only things you can control?
  • If you could not lose, how would your equity curve look like?
  • Why?
  • What can you do to create that kind of curve?
  • When do you STOP trading?

If you can get good quality answers to these questions, it might be a huge step forward. It surely was for me. When I came up with the right answers to that I got profitable for the very first time.

Here is a profitable strategy that you probably never would like to trade!

If you doubt, that trading can be predictable profitable, click on the image below and watch a 2 minute live video from a backtest with “Golden Goose”.

GoldenGoose5000Golden Goose1 is based on the Martingale strategy. You probably never want to trade it, because it WILL fail after a few thousand trades.