I have added the statistics for the new $1000 Platin Group System on the webpage so you can now analyze and take apart every detail. By now our first Platin System trading account has been online for a few weeks. We have crossed the 3 percent profit mark at the beginning of the week and we are approaching the $350 profit line. Thanks to a tip of a member named Rafael from Brazil I now have 3 streaming servers online that automatically trade the $1000 Platin Group System on Youtube for three different accounts. You will find them on my YouTube channels for MQL4 Tutorial, MQL5 Tutorial and Algorithmic Trading


I lately noticed an error in the system that caused an inconsistency when I updated something in the source code. The reason was that the system was unable to deal with positions that had been opened before it was restarted during live operation. That is not happening while you do strategy tests, therefore it only comes up while trading live. And that is why it is so important to not only rely on strategy test results. So usually I do strategy tests on demo accounts until a system is ready to go into beta stage. Then I use so-called Cent accounts to see how the system behaves on a real money account in daily operation. And, as I often say to my clients, it is never a problem to scale up an account once everything works as it should. But this time I do it in a different way. And the reason is, that one of the premium course members came up with a system that he wanted me to investigate as he thought the good results had been caused because of a special entry. I didn’t believe that and therefore I exchanged the entry signal to see if the results still would be good.


And guess what? That actually was the case so I took the whole thing apart and started to build my own version of the approach. About 3 months later the first Alpha version of the Platin System was ready and here we are now, just a few weeks later, with 3 systems in the beta stage. Therefore I have added the statistics on so you can check out the details and find out if this is something you might want to trade. Just click on the statistics sheet and you can see details about each and every trade. And most of the time the system has very little drawdowns and the average trade duration is only a few hours. If you are already a Premium Course Member I am curious about your thoughts about the current system, because I am planning to offer an upgrade to existing Premium Course members who have what it takes to get good results.


If you think about becoming a premium course member, that is still possible on the website. I have taken the sales page for the RobotTradingSystem offline to invest that time for the new Platinum group which might be interesting for some existing members, but I have to admit that it is an expensive solution as it includes consulting and a few things that I have never offered before. One big thing is collaboration, so Rafael, if you see this video and if you are interested to become a Platin Group Member I have a coupon code for you. I still search for the original email and the attachment that got everything started in spring to give credit to the premium member who helped me to get the idea. But I wanted you to be able to check out the embedded statistics on and probably you get a few valuable new insights as I did. I am curious about your response and I will see you in the next video.