1. Introduction to Platin System Results (00:00 – 00:02)
    • Introduction to the video discussing the results of the Platin System after 197 days of real trading.
  2. Overview of Trading Results and Goals (00:02 – 00:16)
    • Overview of the trading results achieved by February 3, 2023, including the goal of closing the system with a 10% profit.
  3. Analyzing Profit and Order History (00:16 – 00:29)
    • Detailed analysis of the profit exceeding the goal on February 1, 2023, and a review of the order history showing the initial deposit and profit growth.
  4. Statistics and Performance on FX Blue Website (00:29 – 00:44)
    • Explanation of how to access detailed statistics of the system’s performance on the FX Blue website.
  5. Growth and Trade Analysis (00:44 – 01:06)
    • Analysis of the total profit growth, monthly growth, and the percentage of profitable positions, including the average number of trades per day.
  6. Annual Growth Calculation and Equity Analysis (01:06 – 01:32)
    • Calculation of the annual growth rate and examination of the equity issue, highlighting the close relationship between equity and balance over the trading period.
  7. Detailed Trade Statistics (01:32 – 01:52)
    • Breakdown of trade statistics including the number of orders, gross profit, gross loss, total profit, and profit factor.
  8. Additional Trading Statistics and Averages (01:52 – 02:04)
    • Presentation of additional statistics such as average trading time and outliers in the data.
  9. Accessing Detailed Statistics and Resources (02:04 – 02:20)
    • Information on accessing more detailed statistics on the FX Blue website and the webpage.
  10. Conclusion and Future Plans (02:20 – 02:30)
  • Conclusion of the video with a mention of the playlist for further documentation and the presenter’s satisfaction with the results and plans for the next system.


This video is about the result of 197 days in real trading. Today is February 3, 2023 and I wanted to contribute to the result of my system and have just accidentally started here again a new trade. We will now close the trade because actually I have already reached my goal on the 1 February 2023. The goal with the whole action was to close the system with 10% profit. If you take a look at this, we just crossed $11,000. And here in the the order history you can see that I deposited $10,000 at was as far as I can remember, on July 18 and in fact I exceeded my own profit goal on February 1.


This is the corresponding statistic on my website and if you click here you can have a look at the exact statistics of all data of this system on the FX Blue website. Here one can represent the whole again as total profit. On February 3, just now, I closed the last trade and the first position was opened on July 18, 2022. Overall we have a growth of 10.0% with a monthly growth of 1.4%. The system closed only 68% of all positions in profit and on average we made twelve trades per day over a period of 199 days. Actually, this would only be 197 days if I hadn’t accidentally opened a position when I started this video.


If we take a calculator to help us here and divide the 10% by 197 days and multiply by 365, then we would come to a growth of 18.5% annually. What I find interesting is the equity issue, because here you can see quite well that over the period we traded most of the time the equity was very close to balance. That means we had little drawdowns in the analysis. You can see that we traded exclusively with the Euro US dollar. That was 2408 orders, a gross profit of over $2,000, a gross loss of $1,112 and that results in a total profit of $1,001.28 with a profit factor of 1.9. Here are some additional statistics.


For example, the average trading time in hours. This one is an outlier at 334.9 hours. But on the whole you can say that the vast majority was under 100 hours. fxblue statistics here show a total loss risk of 0%. And you can look at 100 more statistics here. Whoever is interested in it can do that here on the FX Blue side or call the webpage This is currently redirected, but also here you can have a look at the statistics. And here below is somewhere still the playlist linked. For DSGVO, you have to enable the YouTube content here, but then you can have a look at the playlist. This is the video from day one.


All in all, I documented this a little bit and I’ll add this video in there right now. Personally, I’m very happy with the results and now I’m moving on to the next system.