STEP5 – How to use your HELLOMQL5TUTORIAL Expert Advisor in the Strategy Tester

What is a strategy tester and how can we use it?

If you want to test your Expert Advisor when the markets are closed, there is no price change. And maybe you want to know, how well your trading strategy would have performed last night or in the last month. You use the builtin strategy tester in Metatrader 5 for all these scenarios

How to activate the Strategy Tester in Metatrader 5

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open Metatrader 5
  2. Press CTRL+R or click on View -> Strategy Tester to bring up the Strategy Tester
  3. Adjust the settings as in the screenshot below

MQL5StrategyTesterWhen everything is set and done press the start button. It might take a few moments while Metatrader 5 is loading history data. In STEP6 we will see how to do a strategy test.