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Okay, let’s start from the beginning. The trading experiment we’re conducting in 2024 is different from anything I’ve done before. A few weeks ago, I was pretty sick and was lying in bed, watching movies on Netflix all day. These included movies with commercials, and one ad I kept being shown was about a woman getting face cream for Christmas. She also demonstrated how to use the cream with pineapple to improve her skin. This didn’t interest me at all, and even if I was shown this ad a thousand times, I would never use face cream with pineapple.


Why am I telling you this? It’s about relevance! If I offer something that is irrelevant, nobody will want to buy it. It’s the same with pineapple face cream. It doesn’t matter how hard I try to convince someone if it’s just not relevant. I don’t think it matters what advertising technology is used. If something doesn’t interest me, there’s little anyone can do about it, no matter how appealing the advertising is. As a rule, I look for solutions that bring me more benefit than cost – popularly known as a bargain. In other words, you get something of value for less than you would be prepared to pay. That’s why we’re doing something different this year. I think a lot of companies are at an impasse right now because they’re trying to convince everyone on the planet to buy their products and everyone is trying to get louder and louder. I myself am not a fan of being ripped off and have never made a big show of how and what I do in trading.


I know that many people in this field wave big wads of cash from a skyscraper in Dubai or loll around on their Ferrari, but I believe that most potential clients quickly see through such dubious strategies. So I spent a long time looking for a way to offer something that I would buy myself, in an unobtrusive way that could convince people like me. I found Frank Kern, who teaches a strategy that I really like. It is described as the oldest trick in his books and is about really helping someone to convince them that you can help them. When it comes to automated trading, that’s pretty easy and that’s why we’re using a demo account now and will be trading with a demo system to get better results in 2024. I believe that you are interested in better results, and I know from the last ten years that 10 to 15 percent of the people who watch these videos are interested in buying the right solution. That doesn’t mean you have to buy it yourself, but I believe that probabilities are the key to success.


Knowing my numbers, it is very likely that 10 to 15 percent of viewers will spend money with me later because they are convinced that what I am offering is exactly the solution they were looking for. That’s why the Robot Trading System is now available as a free download for demo accounts. You can find the link below this video. In the next videos we will look at how to set up this system in Meta Trader to achieve good results in the long term. Anyway, I believe that you should trade the first weeks or months on a demo account, and after that you can use the system on a so-called cent account. So this strategy fits well. And I think it can help you and me to achieve better results in 2024. Okay, that’s it for this video. I’ll see you in the next one, and thank you for watching.