MQL5 Tutorial Step 4 – How to adjust the MQL5 settings



  1. Connecting Metatrader 5 with a Newly Created Demo Account (00:00 – 00:18) Instructions on how to connect Metatrader 5 with a newly created demo account that supports hedging.
  2. Entering Account Details and Logging In (00:18 – 00:40) Steps to enter the account number and password, followed by clicking ‘Finish’ to log in.
  3. Turning Off Annoying Sounds in Metatrader 5 (00:40 – 01:00) Guide to changing the language to English and turning off the default sounds in Metatrader 5.
  4. Troubleshooting Connection Issues with the Server (01:00 – 01:17) Tips for resolving connection issues, including double-checking the server name.
  5. Adjusting Settings for Automated Trading (01:17 – 01:53) Instructions on adjusting various settings in Metatrader 5 for optimal automated trading, including disabling sound events and news.
  6. Configuring Chart and Trade Settings (01:53 – 02:05) Steps to configure chart settings for automated trading and adjusting trade settings, including the default trade volume.
  7. Setting Up Expert Advisors and Notifications (02:05 – 02:33) Enabling automated trading, setting up expert advisors, and configuring options for push notifications and email.
  8. Finalizing Settings and Preparing for Chart Setup (02:33 – 02:45) Finalizing all settings and ensuring the auto trading option is enabled, in preparation for setting up charts in the next step.


Okay by now we have downloaded MetaTrader5, we have done the set up and we have also created a demo account that supports hedging, so now it should be easy to connect Meta Trader 5 with our newly created demo account.

So let’s see, MetaTrader 5 automatically scanned for servers and found this one.

So if you click on continue, you can type in the account number: 2343699 and the password, and now you would click on finish.

And if everything went well you should see that you are connected.

Did you hear that annoying sound? The MetaTrader is going to spam you right from the start, so let’s turn off that annoying sound.

In the first step I’m going to change the language to English and that will cause a restart.

If you can’t get connected here, the reason might be that you have chosen the wrong server.

In this case you see we have two different names here, so please double check the server name if you experience connection problems.

We have to adjust a few settings before we can start to trade automatically so let’s click on Tools, Options and the very first thing I always disable is that annoying sound event.

Unless you disable this option your PC will make sounds like a cartoon. On the tab for server, we disable the news because we don’t need them, and for the charts we only need five thousand bars.

That’s more than enough for automated trading.

The trade settings are also important because the last used volume here is much too high.

I would change it to ten Micro-Lot. Hit the Expert Advisors tab and allow automated trading.

I always remove the two marks here, because I don’t want my Expert Advisors to be disabled when I change anything.

With the notification option you would be able to send push notifications to your mobile device.

This works for iPhone and Android devices. You could also send email or upload your results to an FTP server.

The options for community and signals can also be left as they are. When you are satisfied with all your settings please click on okay.

Now this auto trading option should be enabled and in the next step we are going to set up our charts.