How MQL5 Works: Unveiling the Potential of Automated Trading

Introduction to MQL5

The automated trading market has witnessed significant transformations over the years, making it easier for traders to improve their trading results and overcome numerous challenges. One such transformation is MQL5, the programming language used in MetaTrader 5, a popular platform for forex trading. If you’ve been yearning to discover how MQL5 works and harness its potential for automated trading, you’ve come to the right place.

The Promise of MQL5 at work: Advantages of Automated Trading

Automated trading through MQL5 brings several significant benefits. Imagine a seasoned fisherman, casting his net into the sea of financial markets. This fisherman knows the right spots, the best times, and the effective techniques to get a bountiful catch. But he is just one man, and he needs rest. What if he could teach an apprentice — or, in this case, a machine — to do the fishing while he catches his breath or even sleeps? That’s the essence of automated trading.

MQL5 and the Power of Automation

MQL5, as illustrated on, lets you leverage automation techniques, eliminating the need for constant manual intervention. As the fisherman can trust his apprentice to carry on when he’s away, you can entrust your trading decisions to an automated system built using MQL5. This doesn’t mean that the fisherman is no longer needed. Quite the opposite, he needs to train the apprentice, decide where to fish, and what to fish for. The same applies to you as a trader using automated systems.

Risk Management and Reliable Order Execution

Like the fisherman’s apprentice, who ensures that the net is cast precisely and promptly, the OrderSend() function in MQL5 can execute buy or sell orders effectively. As noted in STEP 8 on about how MQL5 works, this function can handle the nitty-gritty of order execution, such as setting parameters for stop loss, take profit, and slippage. It’s like having a vigilant eye watching the sea, ready to reel in the net at the right time to avoid loss, or let it sit a little longer to take advantage of a particularly good catch.


Code Customization and Control also demonstrates the usage of control structures, like “switch” and “case” statements, and various mathematical functions. These allow for more refined decision-making, akin to the fisherman’s expertise in navigating his boat, reading the weather, or interpreting the behavior of sea creatures. The power of custom functions, as shown in MQL5 Tutorial Basics – 10, adds another dimension to this control, enabling more complex operations and facilitating customization.


Strategies for Success with a working MQL5 EA

Crafting Effective Entry and Exit Points

The fisherman, in his years of experience, knows when to cast his net and when to pull it back. Similarly, profitable trading requires identifying effective entry and exit points. As puts it, visual observations need to be translated into specific rules and conditions. The use of a crossover of two moving averages to define a trend is a classic example. The ability to automate these rules and stick to them consistently is one of the many advantages of working MQL5 programs.

Backtesting and Strategy Testing

Before sending his apprentice off alone, the fisherman would want to test his skills. In trading, this equates to backtesting, and MQL5 provides the tools for it. You can use the Strategy Tester in MetaTrader to verify your trading strategies before applying them to real markets. This is a crucial part of the learning process and another significant advantage of automated trading with MQL5.

Embrace the Future of Trading with MQL5

In a nutshell, working with MQL5 brings to the trading world what the apprentice brings to the fisherman — a reliable, effective, and efficient assistant that tirelessly works towards success. The fisherman can rest, knowing his apprentice is diligently watching the waters, casting and reeling in the net at the right times. Just as the apprentice embodies the fisherman’s knowledge and experience, MQL5 carries your trading strategies and executes them with precision, letting you eliminate sleepless nights and achieve measurable success.

Learning how MQL5 works can seem daunting at first, just as teaching the apprentice was for our fisherman. However, with resources like and its comprehensive courses, you can overcome this challenge. Start with a demo account and gradually work towards automated trading success, just as the fisherman started training his apprentice in a safe harbor before venturing into the open sea.

The world of trading is evolving, and those who adapt will prosper. Don’t be left behind. Embrace the future of trading now and improve your trading results.