STEP1 Your HelloMQL5Tutorial Expert Advisor in 5 minutes

What is an Expert Advisor?

When I started I had no idea what an EA does. It is simply an automated piece of program code that can calculate. It does its calculations on a chart and it can tell you about market conditions, create buy or sell signals, send emails, make accoustic allert sounds to inform you that YOU can take a trade – but more powerful is the ability to let it trade on YOUR rules.

Here is a simple example!

void OnTick() 
 int Spread;
 Comment("Spread is "+Spread);

This is a full working EA. It will tell you how high the current spread is. If you drag it on an EURUSD chart and the price changes, you will see something like this:


in STEP2 you will see how to create it within 5 minutes or less.