In this video, I wanted to talk about trading entries and how to change them by using a trading framework.
This is the English version of the Golden Goose Framework and here you can see that we are trading several positions at once. This is the Williams’ Percent Range indicator, let’s enable the graph mode here and speed the process up.
It is making profit and we would like to know if another entry could improve our results. Now the question is how can we exchange this entry here?
To do that we stop the test here.
This is the main module of the Golden Goose Framework, actually it’s a version from April, and it is still my favorite version.
It contains three different parts; this is the first part. It’s the part where we import the framework components.
These are functions to do different things. This function here is to open a buy trade, this one will set the equity stop, and this one would set the position size.
The second part is where we import the entry logic and in our case, we include the module: “CheckEntry_WPR” – that’s stands for Williams’ Percent Range, and this is the third part where we actually trade it.
The function: “OnTick” will run whenever the price on the chart changes and we would check for an entry, maybe get a signal and call the trade management to open the function: “CheckForTick” and pass this signal to the trade management part of the framework.
Well, as I already set, this is the Check Entry module for the Williams’ Percent Range indicator. Let’s out-comment this, enable the next module, this is for the Momentum indicator, let me change the language to English here, compile the code and when you have done that please click on the little button here to return to Metatrader.
Here we want to use the same system, the same currency pair, the same time span and start another test and this time it is trading the Momentum indicator.
I will also speed up this one for you. This time the result should be different and you could compare it.
Let’s do another one here. Let’s do… Actually, I would like to do the Bollinger Bands, I will copy that line here and include the pre-coded module called: “CheckEntry_Bollinger”.
Compile the code, switch to Metatrader, start another test and now it’s trading the Bollinger Bands as you can see here a trade was generated when the price left the upper Bollinger Band and did a re-entry here. So far it looks good, but let’s do another one!
I really like the SAR indicator so let’s try this one, compile the code, go back to Metatrader and start another test here.
The Parabolic SAR indicator is very easy to read, when the points are above the price it goes down and as long as the points are below the price it goes up. So, let’s speed it up and watch the results!
Okay, in this video, you have learned how you can change trading entries within seconds and compare the results for an automated trading year to find the best entry signal for your needs and you can use pre-coded entries like this one and change the trading entry within seconds.